About the business generators

The business generator website is a one man hobby project.

My name is Niels Gamborg and I'm a front end web developer working at the State and University Library in Aarhus, Denmark.

I love random names, simple web application programing and user friendly interfaces. And that's the background for my name generators websites.

If you too enjoy my website, please share the business generators with your friends, or link back to me.

Behind the business generators project

As mentions the 3 main elements in the business generators website is:

  • Random names
  • Design and usability
  • Application programming

Random names

I love cool, funny, strange, creative and surprising names. A name generator is a great tool when you want to indulge this passion.

I supply the basic names and random generators combine these into new names and name combinations. Through refinement of the random formulas and algorithms controlling the final random names, I try to make as huge variation as possible with out creating too many bad names.

But I also love the odd and surprising names, so I do take chances in name generation. It will inevitable lead to bad names from time to time. No big deal really. I just hit the button and get another name. And another one. And another...

Design and usability

I try to make the interfaces of my applications very simple and easy to overview.

First of all the features and functions is kept to a minimum. A generator button, a generated name and a a list where all the generated names are written to.

These major features are prominently displayed on the website. The generator button and the generated button are huge and the central placement of these elements, makes it easy for the users to instantly grasp what the website is all about, and how to use it.

Application programming

All my generators are programmed in JavaScript. It makes them fast and reliable.

To minimize load times and http request I write all my JavaScript myself instead of using frameworks and JavaScript libraries like jQuery.

Cookie policy

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I use cookies to help identify your computer so I can tailor your user experience.

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Business generator FAQ

Why can't I choose which words arrays to use?

Usability research shows that the majority of users only use a minority of features. My philosophy is that it is much faster and easier just to generate a new name instead of going through input fields and check boxes.

Plus that if you already know you want to combine eg. a color with an animal, you might as well make the name yourself.

Are the business names 100% free to use?

Yes. Absolutely free. You can use the generated business names any way you want to. You can change them, refine them, sell them, buy domain names etc. I have no claims what so ever towards the generated names.

May I use you word arrays to make my own generator?

Nope. My word arrays, my scripts and my text are copyright protected. It's easy to make your own so no reason to take mine.

How do I make a name generator myself?

It's pretty easy. At my blog you can find a full description of How to make a name generator.

At this post you can read How to make random algorithms to make it a lot more interesting.

And finally here's a full functional Name generator script in one single html file. All necessary HTML, CSS and JavaScript are included, and the script is throughly commented so it's easy to adjust configure to your needs and wishes. You just need to add water word arrays, and you are up and running with your own random name generator.