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Business Name Generator use a random number generator to create cool business names. Over 3 million online free business names. Names are made with a single click and saved to a list.

Business Names list

Business Name Generator

The Business Name Generator is a free web application designed to make cool business names. The generator is easy to use. Just click the button and you instantly get a new business name suggestion. No waiting time and no complicated choices tor input to make.

All the created names are saved to the list, so you won't miss any of them. Even if you keep hitting the button too fast. Save the business names list before you leave and use the good ideas to make up your own name or use the ideas to improve on the suggestions you already have.

Free business names

The business name generator is a free web application. You can use all the generated names for whatever purpose or in whatever form you want. The names are generated locally on your own PC and can't be seen by any one other than your self, so you got lots of time to refine and improve your business names. So you have good time to decide for the best names and to register the domain names associated with your business name.

Random business names

The generated business names are completely random. Random algorithms combined with word and name arrays makes the random functions capable of making up to 3.2 million unique and different business names.

The core definition of total randomness is total unpredictability. The logical consequence is that the application will generate many useless and bad business names. It can't be avoided if you wanna allow completely random outputs.

But the completely random outputs from the business name generator also is its strength. It guarantees great variation and creativity in the output. And is able to produce far out ideas, you probably wouldn't have come up with yourself. In popular terms you can say that the unpredictability of the process makes the generator think out of the box, because there's no boundaries to the process.

And when you end up with names you don't really like, or think is stupid. Just hit the generate button once more. It's free and fast.

Good ideas for business names

Good ideas for business names is what a generator like this one can produce. You can't really expect it to make good business names, that can be used in real life. But it can help you in the creative process of making up names yourself. Such a tool can come up with suggestions that can fire your imagination and that help you in the process.

Random generator scripting

Mainly to secure fast ans instant name generation I have used JavaScript for the business name generator. JavaScript is executed locally on the user PC making it the best and most user friendly programming language to use in such a web application.

How to make good business names

Good business names are easy to remember and to pronounce. They signals credibility and solidity and makes the consumers comfortable dealing with the company or enterprise. The good business name makes customers come back.

In short a good business name:

  • Is easy to remember
  • Support the image of your business
  • Does separate you from competitors
  • Create engagement with your users

Machine generated cool business names

Really cool business names are necessarily created by humans. Artificial intelligence can't understand all the subtle meanings or word plays a creative business name can have. With that in mind we can use the benefits the of the computer to make business name ideas that can compliment the human mind, and make a valuable contribution when it comes to naming the business.

The strength of the computer is that it never gets tired or exhausted. It is fast and it exploits fully the data you put into it, without any limitation due to personal preferences or mood. In that matter it can contribute with an abundance of ideas especially in the brain storm phase of the naming process.

The limitation of the suggestions delivered by the computer lays in the data and the naming algorithms that describes how to put the names together.

How does the business name generator work.

The business name generator use short catchy and generic words like:

  • lane
  • tech
  • over
  • can

Hundreds of such small words and syllables are contained in word arrays that delivers the raw data input to the generator.

These small word are combined together into new creative word combinations. This process is controlled by a complex random algorithm. This mathematical random function controls the length of the output, the combinations in the output and rules for the probability processes of the output.

Complexity in the random functions is necessary to give maximum variation in the final results.