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The Code Name Generator can generate more than 5 million code names - Use the code names in naming all your business projects.

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Code Name Generator

The Code Name Generator is a free online web tool that makes cool and catchy code names.

Code names from the code name generator is based on every day words. Common nouns, verbs and adjectives. The code name generator uses random algorithms to combine these words into code names. The result is random, creative and cool code names.

Random code name generator

The main ingredients in a random code name generator are the word arrays and the random algorithms.

The more words the more opportunities for creating new and catchy codenames.

But the random function is equally important. The core random function are responsible of creating completely random and unbiased word combinations. And complex random algorithms that control the construction and the final composition are responsible of combining the words from the arrays into code names with high variation and complexity.

With the current word arrays and random algorithms this random code name generator is able to make 5 million different and unique codenames.

Code name idea generator

A random generator is primarily an idea generator, and the code name generator is no exception. The strength of this tool is the abundance of new ideas and suggestion it can deliver. A code name idea generator never running out of energy and good suggestions.

And with more than 5 million possible names the code name generator will also never run out of good ideas. Or at least it will never happen in practice.

But with this abundance of good ideas and suggestions there will inevitable follow bad suggestions and bad and maybe even inappropriate names. But it's no big deal because new ideas and suggestions are both very easy and very fast to generate over and over again.

Refining your code name

So if you don't find the exact code name you are looking for, you sure will find a lot of inspiration to come up with the perfect name your self. And bear in mind that human intelligence always will surpass any the artificial intelligence in a computer program.

So don't except the code name generator to be more than an idea generator. In the end it's up to you to take the generated ideas, finish and refine them for your personal use and preferences.

Good code names

Good code names often holds some of the same qualities:

  • Easy to remember
  • Easy to pronounce
  • Easy to spell

But often it's a matter of personal preferences if the chosen code name is good or bad. But also the context where you should use the code name is important.

So to find the good code name it is important to consider:

  • Where to use it? A private or public project?
  • Which signals does it send
  • How long shall it last?
  • Who will get in contact with the name?

Funny code names

In private internal projects it's cool to use funny code names. It can be great for the team moral to use a fun codename. And making fun of everything can actually help the team members blowing off steam when they are dealing with tiresome projects.

On the contrary it's not a good idea to use funny code names for public and external business projects. Humor various a lot and what you find to be an extremely funny code name other might find stupid or even offending.


It's equally important to consider what signals you code names sends. Screaming monkey is probably not the best code name for a Wall Street project, but could be a great blog name. Blooming rose could be a good code name for some girl scout, but will hardly work for some macho bikers.

The more people a project concerns and the more severe business the project is dealing with, the more important it is to investigate the signals in the name.

How to make cool code names

There's several methods to create cool code names. This generator uses arrays with common words. Nouns, verbs, adjectives, scientific expressions etc.

Often it's not the words themselves but the combination that make the cool codename. Common and plain boring words like:

  • Storm
  • Hawk
  • Red
  • Gamma

Can produce cool code names like:

  • Red Storm
  • Gamma Hawk
  • Red Gamma

Pretty cool nicks for any military operation, first person shooter clan or a cool super hero.

Alternative ways of naming

Alternative ways of naming the projects is to use well known words and phrases. It could be you favorite beer brands, James Bond movies, Disco songs, military ranks, superheros, cartoon heroes, furniture, kitchen supplies, body parts etc. Sky is the limit.

Use anagrams to create subtle and ambiguous meanings to your code names. Often the anagrams are made form the subject of the project. And the anagram should have its own meaning to support the intentions with the code name.

Also throw in some random letter or number combinations in the mix to make it it all unique and outstanding and to rise and the cool factor.

And use combinations of all the above naming methods.