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The free Company Name Generator generates more than 3.5 million unique and random business names. Get lots of new ideas and inspiration for making new catchy company names. Now with domain check.

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The Company Name Generator

The free company name generator is an online tool specialized in making free and random company names. Company names that can be used for all kind of firms. From small one man companies to large scale enterprises, cooperation and businesses.

The company name generator generates random company names based on short words and syllables like lux, cam, gen, wex etc. The used syllables, abbreviations and acronyms are borrowed from math, and science and the tech industry. These short words are put together in various combination to create random company names with a modern and trendy sound. It makes names very suitable for new and upcoming software and technology companies.

But because of the generic and brand like nature of the random company names, they can be used for all kind of companies right out of the box with no or only little adjustments.

Random Company Name Generator

Randomness is the strength of such a generator. The random company name generator is capable of making up to 3.5 million unique and different word combinations and name ideas.

The random company name generator uses random formulas to control the name making process. Partly to combine words from the arrays into new combinations, but also to control the length and to control the composition of the final company name. The latter is especially important to provide as much variation as possible in the final output.

Complete randomness unfortunately also leads to less appropriate name combinations. It can't be avoided when allowing total randomness to control parts the process. But it's not a big problem. You just need to push the generate button again to get the next name. And who knows, maybe that unrestrained output may help you rethink the whole matter.

Whats makes a good company name

Good company names are easy to recognize and remember. They are also easy to read and pronounce. They also signalize credibility and trustworthiness to customers, clients and business partners.

Finally great company names also gives positive associations of you business and brand.

Cool company names

A cool company name is perfect if your audience is young and trendy. Cool company names can show your are on par with the latest technology, trends and your users.

Cool names also signals adaptability and a short brand like cool name also makes it easier to develop your business area, because the a cool business name rarely holds any specific meanings.

The dangers of choosing a cool name is obvious. Your business may in the worst case scenario be seen as superficial and lacking stability and tradition. But it is all about what line of business you are in. For some cool is good for others it might be bad.

A generator for brainstorming

The company name generator is great tool, when you are in the brain storming process. It can point out alternative and creative approaches to the naming, and give ideas to combine words and syllables into new words, brands or names.

But you can't expect a generator can make perfect company names. A generator is basically just a simple computer software and can't recognize neither word plays, elusive meanings or less appropriate feeling to a name. And that particular elusive meaning might make all the difference between an average and a great name.

But the cooperation between the raw output from the randomizer and the intelligence of a human mind can really make cool company names.

Free to use

The company generator is a free web application. It's free in the most extensive meaning of the word. It's is a free tool to use and the generated companies names can also be used in anyway or form you might want to. No strings attached.

Generic company name

Good company names are often generic. it makes them suited for firms that cover a wide range of business areas. And if your company take benefit of new business opportunities and expand in to new areas you don't have to change the name of your firm.

Random company names

The company name generator is based on JavaScripts build in random function. A random function can output random numbers. The generator use these random numbers to create random word combinations. But the random process is a bit more complicated than this. Beside the the pure randomness the generator also need some algorithms or mathematical rules to control the output.

These rules controls the length of the output, the individual combination of words and the percentage of different types of output. The rules are needed to add maximum variation to the output and to avoid that the output of the generator becomes to predictable and boring.

Catchy company names

Certain companies names are more catchy than others. It's hard to make a recipe to the perfect catchy company name, but there is some general rules you can set up.

Catchy company names are often short and powerful, which makes them very easy to grasp and memorize. But on the other hand a name must not be too short. Very short names easily ends up being too anonymous.

Single words will often be too generic, but combinations of a couple of short words can be very powerful. Such combination can easily be quite unique and at the same time express the image you want to uphold.