Business Name Generators

The Business Name Generators is a free and online name generator site specialized in business related names.

Making cool business names

Making cool business names is definitely not an easy task. A generator can't stand alone in the process of naming your new business or project, but it can provide invaluable help and add new and fresh inspiration to the naming process.

Cool business names often hold some hard definable and subtle qualities, that makes them stand out. Qualities that makes them easy to remember and creates positive associations with clients, costumers and business partners.

A generator can't define and recognize the subtle qualities and therefore of course can't stand alone. But it can be of great help. It can show you new ways of combing words and hopeful inspire you to come up with even better and more creative business names yourself.

Naming your business

The Business Name Generators is a website specialized in making cool business names. At the website you will find many random name generators, that cover a wide area of name generation. From business and company names generators to brand, product and project name randomizers.

Random business name generators is a great tool to use in the brainstorming process, when you are trying to come up with new cool business names and ideas.

Several methods to naming businesses can to be found in both literature and on the Internet. And there's many branding companies, naming agencies and advertising agencies specialized in naming enterprises, companies and coming up with new brands.

Generation of names

The business generators base their name generation on various word list or arrays. These list and arrays contains various syllables, verbs, nouns, names, sounds, letters etc. The specific arrays are highly depending of the specific generators.

Words from the arrays are randomly combined by the generators. It mix and combine words from the arrays into new random combinations. All controlled by the random algorithms built into each generator.

Random processes

All the random business name generators are controlled by complex random algorithms, defined in randomness functions and executed in randomness scripts.

The random processes are responsible for the variation in the output of the generators, and the numbers of unique names they can produce.

The more words to choose from the more possible random combinations.

Domain name availability check

You can easily perform a domain name availability check directly form the website. Just click the domain you want to investigate and a instant domain availability check is performed.

The domain availability checker also suggests other domains and top level domains that might be of interest for you and your business.

Generator programming

The generators are programmed in JavaScript. It makes them extremely fast, 100% private and very stable.

Fast because the generator scripts are executed locally in your own web browser. you are independent of servers, Internet connection, traffic and speed. Once the scripts are loaded into you browser, business name generation is happening instantly when you hit the button.

Private because nobody else can see the name generated on you computer. Again because the generator script are run on you own PC, and therefore the name only will exist on your PC.

Stable because JavaScript is and well known technology executed on the users computer. Making them independent of the servers and the speed of your Internet connection. Once the page is loaded you can keep on generating names as long as you like.

Generator disclaimer

Be aware that random generators, never will be capable of making as good names as human can. The business name generators are all based on rather primitive programs. So despite the complex word arrays and advanced random algorithms, they are still only represent artificial machine intelligence. And even the most primitive sort.

But if you pay attention to this fact, name generators the can help you in the initial process when you still are brainstorming and on the idea level in the naming process. The force of the generator is the huge amounts of ideas and suggestion it can produce. It's pretty much like a gigantic free brain storm machinery that will keep producing an abundance of new and creative ideas for business names.

Business name generator

The business name generator is the back bone of the entire sites. The short powerful business names are so generic that they are suited for all kind of different business areas. From naming companies and enterprises, over business organizations to commercial projects or innovative business ideas.

If you are in doubt where to start on the website the business name generator is the place to go.

Company name generator

The company name generator is a generator specialized in making random cool company names. The company names are short brand like names. They are very generic and can be used for a huge variety of companies.

If you want other kind of company names like descriptive or personal company names it is easy to combine the short and powerful random company names generated with your own ideas for personal or descriptive names.

Code name generator

The code name generator differs form my other naming tools by being able to generate a wider range of names and titles.

The ideas from the code name generator are useful for naming business projects, school projects or other projects that needs cool and catchy title or code names. But the application might as well be used for making online gaming nicks and nicknames for military campaigns and military missions in first person shooters using a military context and universe. Use it to make military campaign codenames, military operations code names and missions code names for war games like Call of Duty, Battlefield and Medal of Honor.

Project Name Generator

Need a cool name for your next business project. The Project Name Generator is a great tool to help you come up with the perfect project name.

Lots of cool project names from the very serious to funny and relaxed project names.

Brand Generator

The Brand Generator is a specialized in making cool brands.

Good brands are characterized by short names that are easy to spell, pronounce and remember. A good brand should also be very generic and not be to descriptive. It will make it easier to develop your business, product and product line if the brand does not hold too specific meanings to it's name. It's brands like that the brand generator aims to create.

Domain Name Generator

The Domain Name Generator is the perfect choice if you are looking to create new and creative business domain names or cool company domains.

The company domain generator will create more than 3 million trendy and cool company domains. And it will perform a domain availability check for you.


Updated brand names

Performed an update of the Brand Name Generator. Both the brand arrays and the name combination algorithms have been revised. More words has been added to the arrays and the outputted brands has generally been shortened.

Company Domain Name Generator

I just launched a Domain Name Generator.

Focus is to generate cool company domain names. Domain names to use for your company web site, web shop or blog.

New cool business names

Launched a major update to the business name generator. A lot of extra words and syllables are added to the name arrays. Also the random algorithms are updated to give even more variation in the outputted business name ideas.

Business name generator.

Name generators with domain check

I have added a domain check availability feature to the name generators. All domain names are checked with help from Network Solutions.

Check it out! Company names with domain check.

The domain availability is checked for all the major top level domains.

Cool code names

The Code Name Generator is my latest latest naming tool. The code name generator is the perfect online tool for making cool and random code names that can be used for multiple purposes. From creating catchy business project titles to military mission and campaign codenames to use in war and military games.

Brand naming

Just launched a new free online application. The Brand Generator. It will make catchy and cool brands for you products and services. Or you can use is it as an alternative to naming companies.

Project names

Latest online tool on the website is a brand new Project Name Generator. It will make creative and catchy project names for all your business projects. And every cool project deserves a cool code name to go with it.

Try the project generator right now to get inspiration for your next project.

Company name generator

Need a cool company name? Today I have launched the company name generator making names for companies. Whether you want to name a one man company, a company division or a major international enterprise the company names generator can help you in the process.

Check if the domain name for your new company is available. All top level domains are checked.

Business generator

The Business name generator is the generator at the website, and the first tool to be announced here. business name generator. It's a broad naming tool focused at making cool business names to be used in different context. From business projects, corporate business, company naming etc.

A build in domain checker makes it easy to see if the requested domain is available.

Business name generators website

The business name generators goes online in Marts 2011. The mission is to provide free naming generator services to all kind of business related areas. From core business and company names to project and product names.

The first free service is a business name generator designed to make powerful and catchy business names.

The very first style of the site is very basic. The design process is a work in progress.